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Hey! I’m Ayo Moore

I run Moore Audio and I love listening to podcasts as much as I enjoy making them.

So you want to start a podcast?

Great! Welcome to the pod. I’ll like to help you navigate the exciting and challenging world of podcasting. So, book a 10 minute audio time with me and we’ll get you started.

Honestly, podcasting is hard

Deciding to start a podcast is easier than actually doing it. And many people get into it without understanding what it really entails, the basic framework a podcast should have, choosing a format, the magic of consistency, amongst others.

That’s where I come in

I’ll do the heavy lifting and critical thinking so you can just press record and start dropping episodes…literally.

Get the full picture

I’ll show you the full picture of what podcasting entails, common mistakes podcasters make and I’ll prep you for the lows and highs that come with it.

Let’s do this

So, Make the call now.
Ready when you are.

What you’ll get?

1. 2 podcast options
2. An execution plan
3. First 5 episodes
4. Sponsorship suggestions*

*We don’t guarantee sponsorships but we’ll suggest brands that perfectly compliment your podcast.

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